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Women Who Go the Distance

Posted On:Thursday, December 02, 2010

With a combined 350 miles run over the past year (in races alone), these Zealous Women have truly "hit the ground running" and have discovered a lot more than improved endurance - they have formed friendships, met goals, sought out new passions, and created memories that will last them a lifetime. These are truly women who go the distance!

Lindsey Bruning, Dallas

4 Marathons:

The ING New York City Marathon: November 7, 2010

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon: May 2, 2010

Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas: February 27, 2010

The Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon: December 6, 2009

"I was inspired to run by my father. Running has since become a true passion of mine. I particularly love the feeling after a long run - the sense of accomplishment and pride. I am now coaching marathon training classes. I want to bring my passion to others so that they can feel the same sense of accomplishment I experience after every long run. I find it very gratifying to share success with those I coach, as they achieve their goals and I my own."

Kristin Cummings, Dallas

1 Half Marathon:

Dallas Rock N' Roll Half Marathon: March 14, 2010

"Running has shown me that just because I've never done something before, doesn't mean I can't try it and be successful. Less than a year prior to running the 1/2 marathon, I had never even run a mile."

Jennifer Gibbs, Dallas

2 Marathons:

Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas: February 27, 2010

MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon: December 13, 2009

3 Half Marathons:

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon: May 2, 2010

Dallas Rock N' Roll Half Marathon: March 14, 2010

Texas's Bud E. Bee Boo! Run Half Marathon: October 31, 2009

"Running has given me peace of mind, strong legs and lungs, great friends, war stories, and an excuse to eat peanut butter."

Shannon O'Malley, Dallas

2 Marathons:

Bank of America Chicago Marathon: October 10, 2010

The Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon: December 6, 2009

5 Half Marathons:

DRC Half Marathon: November 1, 2009 and November 7, 2010

Chicago 13.1 Half Marathon: June 13, 2010

St. Louis Half Marathon: April 11, 2010

Dallas Rock N' Roll Half Marathon: March 14, 2010

"I started running again in April 2009. I couldn't run 1 mile without stopping to walk. But I set a goal to train for and run a marathon in December. So I got out there. I found a training program to get me from 0 to 3 miles. After 6 weeks, I graduated to a class that got me from 3 miles to 9 miles. 6 weeks later, I started the marathon training program. I suffered through a number of painful running injuries - plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome, tendonitis, and eventually a very painful inflammation of the right knee that decided to raise its ugly head in the midst of my marathon race. But it was all worth it. I had a lot of time to talk to myself and find out what I was made of. There were plenty of times when I could have stayed in bed on a hot summer morning at 5 am, but I got out and sweated through an 8 mile run on hills before a full day of work. And I did it for myself. I was the only obstacle to my goal. I learned that I do, in fact, have it in me.

Honestly, the hardest miles in the marathon training were those first 3 (okay, anything more than 15 miles is also hard!). Going from 0 to 3 miles was difficult. Those miles hurt. After I conquered them, however, the rest fell into place and I started to actually enjoy my time on the road. And now, I'm hooked. After my first marathon in December, I immediately signed up for a Spring half marathon (I ended up running three). Then the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10. I already have my next 2 years of races scheduled! I have fallen in love with running - the camaraderie, the runner's high, and most importantly, the knowledge that I can do whatever I set my mind to."