The Enneagram and the Practice of Law

Zealous Woman Jennifer Gibbs wrote an article titled "The Enneagram and the Practice of Law” that was published in Law360.

You may have heard of the Enneagram in passing or at dinner parties, and growing interest may be considered by some to be a fad, or a parlor-game, similar to interpreting astrological signs, or business-focused personality typing such as Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder.

However, those that study the Enneagram know that it is much more than a personality-typing system and can have a profound effect on how we view ourselves, our relationships and perhaps our society.

The Enneagram has been classified as “a sort of GPS of wisdom” and “a shortcut to understanding what drives people, and to discover[ing] strengths and blind spots around yourself and others.”

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