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Our Mission

Women are many things: professionals, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters. They use their experiences in these diverse roles when they navigate business challenges every day - from complex litigation to a conflict between colleagues or friends.

Zealous Women is a community of female professionals organized to celebrate our engaged, passionate, and practical approach to solving problems, and to provide a virtual network of women in legal and related fields.

During Zelle's 20th Anniversary Retreat, several female attorneys enjoying a lively discussion recognized that women bring a unique perspective to their professional lives. Based on this conversation, Zelle's female attorneys banded together to create a place where they can share their insights through articles, profiles, and other resources. Thus, Zealous Women was born.

Although begun by the women of one law firm, our goal is to provide a forum where all women in law and other professional fields can celebrate their successes and consider the complexities women face daily.

Our mission is to provide both young and seasoned professionals with resources to aid in professional and personal growth, and to create a dialogue among a diverse group of women that will lead to success and professional fulfillment in business, law and life.