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Spotlight - New Zelle Hofmann Partner: Judith Zahid

Posted on Saturday, August 01, 2009

Judith was born in San Francisco and has never moved from the Bay Area. She has familial roots in antitrust law, and spent the time right out of college working as a paralegal on a nationwide antitrust suit against the leading pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. Using her paralegal income to fund her travels, Judith spent almost two years studying and working in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, before entering law school. Judith joined Zelle Hofmann in 2002, during her second year of practice.

Judith works on large antitrust class actions, and has assumed more responsibility and a role in decision-making. She contributes to the leadership of several nationwide class actions in the computer and electronics industries, including the consumer cases against Intel Corporation and the world's leading manufacturers of TFT-LCD flat panels and flash memory.

Judith feels fortunate that her hard work and dedication has been aimed over these past years in the right direction - at a firm that provides both a challenging legal practice and a balanced lifestyle. She envisions a growing career path at Zelle Hofmann that will be filled with challenges and rewards of experience, as she continues representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex litigation.